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by Cat B on March 26, 2016


I’m just home from a fantastic week in Seattle filming a new online class for Carla Sonheim Presents. The class is called MAKING ART A PRACTICE / In and Out of the Sketchbook.

Here’s the blurb—

“In MAKING ART A PRACTICE: In and Out of the Sketchbook, we’ll spend two days drawing in the sketchbook with a focus on color, line and shape then jump out of the sketchbook to do a bigger project. We’ll draw and paint the world around us— food, clothes and the objects in our homes, plants and landscape, and people. And we’ll do so in different ways—painting using only lines, making cut-paper images using only shapes, then bringing line and shape together in different ways.

Our goal is to draw and paint in experimental ways and to get ideas for our own work. We’ll mostly work on a larger scale outside of the sketchbook and try things out. We’ll approach everything we do with a spirit of adventure and discovery!

This is a new and different class to the first “Making Art a Practice.” If you missed that one, no worries—this class is for everyone. And anyone who would like to is invited to post work on the private Facebook page for this class. At the beginning of each week, I’ll introduce the class in the online forum and offer some examples from well known artists that might inspire us as we do the exercises. We’ll all share comments and I’ll offer feedback and a few additional ideas every weekday morning.”


Steve Sonheim has done an amazing job of directing the filming of the class. Drawing live on camera and talking at the same time is both fun and challenging. Steve always keeps us on track and heading towards the bigger picture. I’m so grateful to be working with Carla and Steve and really looking forward to this class. All are welcome.

Class starts APRIL 19th, 2016 and goes for six weeks.

The code to enter the Facebook page and full instructions will be given upon registration.

Sign up at Carla Sonheim Presents.


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1 Cat B June 7, 2016 at 5:53 PM

Hi, Anna! Thanks so much for writing! It’s so nice to hear how you enjoy Making Art a Practice! I don’t have any plans to teach in Seattle, only online! Hope you can join us! Your work is wonderful! All the best—Cat

2 Anna Marie Farmer June 7, 2016 at 5:13 PM

Hi Cat! I am a Seattle artist and I am reading your drawing club book and have had the first book, Making Art a Practice for a few years, I purchased it from a lovely bookshop on a trip to Mendocino one summer. I often take myself out for a coffee and to re-read parts of it when I am feeling stuck! I LOVE the things you are discussing in the drawing club book, so much wisdom and freedom. I just came on your website to see if you were teaching anywhere near Seattle anytime soon and I see you have made some video classes. I will look forward to taking those! Thank you for your books and your art!
Best Wishes,
Anna Marie Farmer

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